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Unit4 Customer Conference 2020

Unit4 is planning a customer conference in 2020. Please click the link to submit your comments.

Upcoming Workshops

Should you wish to be added to the list of attendees, please contact
Agendas currently available can be accessed on the documents and links page and any additional ones will be added, as and when they are completed: Documents


The Financials & Dream User Group is an organisation where users can share experiences and ideas to improve their understanding and use of any of the Financials & Dream solutions. We organise workshops, meetings and social events around shared interests. We also create closer links between Financials and Dream Users and UNIT4 providing an independent, influential voice to represent Users’ views and gaining greater insight and understanding of enhancements to the products.

Getting Started

If you are not currently a member of the Financials and Dream User Group, registration is easy and straightforward. We will shortly be putting together our timetable of events for 2019 and if you would like to make a workshop suggestion, please contact Susan as soon as possible with your ideas! Membership of the User Group allows up to five people from the same organisation to attend any or all of the workshops in the membership year. This membership also gives you the opportunity to access senior Unit4 staff via the Committee Members and also to other like-minded individuals, who attend the workshops. You will also have the opportunity to network and “brain storm” any ideas or solutions that you may have. We are currently looking to recruit more Committee Members.. Please contact me if you require further information.

What Our Members Say

Being a member of the User Group has proved to be a real benefit for our Technical people as well as our Users. The workshop sessions open up a fantastic opportunity to discuss how other Companies use the system, and allow us to question our processes. Our Users take away valuable tips and tricks from these sessions which we would otherwise be unaware of. The value this has added for us by far outweighs the cost of the membership.
– Sharon Robertson-Hallett, Financial Systems Manager - BUPA Dental
VisitBritain are long standing members of the User Group and the workshops provide a good understanding of the current and future Financials product. Each user group workshop agenda is pitched at the specific product and is professionally run and in addition the events provide a unique opportunity for networking with other Users on the day. Our organisation is global with operations in FX and GBP so the system is used heavily around the world.
– Paul McPhail, Systems Accountant, VisitBritain
The User Group sessions allow all users to meet and to discuss the topics in the sessions and share knowledge and insights, this in combination with the access to the consultant’s means that you are able to take more from the sessions than with consultants alone.
– Simon Nobbs, Finance Manager (Systems) - Essex Fire and Rescue

What Our Members Say About The User Group

We find the UG session very informative run by subject matter experts, great place to network and discuss Unit4 problem areas\solutions and discuss ideas
– Perminder Heer, Senior Systems Accountant - PRS for Music

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